Shift Planner

Employee Shift Planner: Takes care of complex shifts & roster management. Offers quick & easy shift rotation & tracks field employee attendance. Filter reports on date, designations, departments, shifts or employees.

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shift planner - manage employee shifts
Manage employee shifts effortlessly
Takes care of complex shift requirements & Roster management. Reschedule Shifts for thousands of workers in minutes.
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shift planner - assign shfits
Online Shift scheduler
Schedule Shift for multiple employees in one go. Quick & easy Shift Rotation. Get details of each employee shift in the mobile app or desktop dashboard.
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shift planner - shift based attendance
Shift based Attendance
Desktop & Mobile App offer biometric Attendance for all shifts. Employees can even punch their Time multiple times in case of split shifts
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Manage your staff attendance effortlessly
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Best 2 in 1 Attendance App. Convert your Phone to a Biometric Face Attendance Machine
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