ubiAttendance V/s Attendance Machines

How do you track attendance of employees stationed at multiple locations or on the move? Even if you have a Biometric attendance machine in the Company head office –tracking time for the field staff is not possible. Sometimes the offices are spread out over a lot of places … putting an attendance machine at all the offices becomes an expensive proposition. Our time attendance system works equally well in glass offices or remote locations, across small to large business enterprises with minimal investment.

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High Implementation Risk, No risk cover for poor servicesLow Risk because of the subscription model. High Risk Cover. Customers can stop the Payments anytime.
High Cost. No price reduction for small OrganizationsMuch Lower Price. Price is in the ratio with The no. of employees. Highly affordable for Startups & SMEs.
Can work on a Single LocationCan work Anytime, Anywhere
Can only check two ways Face/Fingerprint TimeOnly way to check the time attendance in 4 ways – Login/QR Code + Time + Photo + Location
Does not track the attendance accurately For rough hands, face changes or Unreadable fingerprintsIt can capture the Time In/Time Out accurately.
When marked by multiple people at the Same time, it leads to partial capture of data When marked by even multiple employees at the same time, it tracks the photo, time and Location of the employee without any flaw
Can get obsoleteFuture proof, Will work with all device updates
The reports generated are limitedLot of powerful reports to track time in Multiple ways
The attendance data has to be downloaded in USB and ported to the computerData is automatically available on your desktop or Laptop. No porting required
Hardware failure or theft can lead to data lossPlatform and device independent. Data fully backed up on cloud
Not a scalable solutionCan be extended to manage leave and payroll. Can also be integrated with an HR software
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