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Staff Attendance: Records the presence, absence and other attendance data of employees for payroll or scheduling. Highest rated App. Free & easy to use.

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staff attendance app - Accurate attendance insight
Accurate Attendance insight
Time and attendance data at a glance. Built-in reports developed in consultation with HR experts. Generate the desired Time, Location & Visit reports of staff to track overtime & tardiness accurately.
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staff attendance app - immediate alerts
Online Staff Attendance Register
An alert is raised if the staff fails to clock in time. Emails are sent for late Comers, early Leavers and people on Time off, missed Attendance Punches, outside Geo-fence etc.
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staff attendance app - Regulate late comming
Manage Absence
Were all your Marketers absent this Friday? Are most of your HR employees late today? Keep a track of the departmental absenteeism with monthly attendance summary.
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staff attendance app - Departmental Absenteeism
Attendance Reports
With our quick share feature, you can quickly view the report and share them immediately. Managers can send attendance reports in PDF or Excel from the App itself.
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Boost your Employees productivity. Try our Time tracker App.
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Best 2 in 1 Attendance App. Convert your Phone to a Biometric Face Attendance Machine
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