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This app is the much needed new age alternative to biometric machines. It is user friendly and our employees love using it. It has made attendance management not only easier, the various reports give us a very clear idea of timeliness


Wonderful app! I really like the reports given to the admin. Easy even for people who are not tech savy. I love the payroll feature.

Nirmal Mishra

ubiAttendance is a no nonsense solution for attendance management. You require no bulky biometric machine. Simply download the app and register your team. Many good reports are available like late comers, early leavers, attendance roaster

Ivan James

Very user friendly. I downloaded many apps but this one solves my problem and is perfect to use. A must have. Simple & powerful.

Nirbhay Bakliwal

Wonderful App. My employees are afraid of coming late now. It captures the location with time and photograph, which nobody else offers.

Vinkal Jaisingh

Best attendance app you could get! Use it for peace of mind.

Avis J.

This app has automated my attendance recording. The staff appreciates the transparency of attendance records. I can just download attendance data & BI reports on the go with the Admin panel

Mansi Hans Sanghvi

Wonderful app! I really like the user interface, dashboard and also the QR Code feature.

Girish khanna

Very nice application to get employees attendance. It is really foolproof. Simple & user friendly!

Naveen Singh

Great App. Thank you ubiAttendance. Good bye to old and complex attendance management system.

Mohit Yadav

Improved version is a breeze to use. I love the web panel of the app. Absolute must have for an organisation

Sid David

Since we have started using this app we don't have to worry about the attendance and overtime because it automatically captures the time, photo and location. Thanks to ubiAttendance for helping us.

Abhinav Sengar

I was looking for easy attendance system with accurate payroll reports. Satisfied with the app management system.

Ashutosh Sahu

Easy, fast n seamless......a must have app for quick management of attendance.

Rajshree Sheth

Awesome & time saving. Best time tracking app for employees.

Pragya Budhauliya

This is the best app for improving business. Have not come across better option for entrepreneurs. All you have to do is download and add employees. You are ready to go! Love it!

Nayan Datta

The best attendance app there is on the market. I'm marking attendance for all the staff with 100% accuracy.

Hemraj Bhatt

Its fantastic, love to take selfie for attendance. Easy login without username and password - it's done simply with scaning QR code

Monika Rai

This app is a perfect solution for switching from manual attendence. Saves time and manpower. I found it very user friendly. Recommended for every business

Jyotsna Lakhmani

Easy, seamless in use and extremely effective for managers and organisations. Everything you need fits on your phone and the analysis is easy!

Neil Tambe

I would highly recommend this App for the industrialists in my city. Now I can track them from anywhere and everywhere

Lestra Italia

UbiAttendance eases the worry of implementing our complex attendance policy. It's sturdy, unbiased and practical.The developer has taken care of all aspects.

Ivan James

Thanks to ubiAttendance. It is a wonderful app and now it has become really easy for us to track our field employees with location

Pierre Jacob

What a great app these guys have built. No more hassles to manage employee attendance.

Saurav Patwal