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Biometric attendance app - real time data

Biometric Attendance in Real Time

Far superior & advanced solution than Biometric Time Clocks with limited capability. Foolproof Attendance with Photo & Location. Capture in real time from anytime, anywhere. Experience a spurt in Employee productivity.

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Compared to Biometric Time clocks – face recognition or finger print detection – our Attendance App is on subscription. Lower your investment risks.
Read more on why our Attendance App is superior to Biometric Time Clocks.

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biomteric attendance app - Cost Saver
Biometric attendance app - Track Time + Photo + Location

Track Time + Photo + Location

No need to invest in a Biometric time machine. No Hardware or software required, our App is sufficient. Employees can punch attendance easily. Just login & click Selfie. Time & Location will be captured automatically.

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