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For MNCs proper Employee time records are very important to ensure compliance with labour laws and prevent expensive legal suits. A lot of senior executives are 'on the move' and they have to keep a track of their team. Now, it can be easily done through our feature rich, Time & Attendance tracking app for large enterprises. Clocking in & out is as simple as tapping a button.

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Time and attendance app - Clock in & Clock out
Time and attendance app - Synced to the cloud

Synced to the cloud

Managers, supervisors, office heads or team leads can customize the view not only for their phones but also for the web based panel for total control. The information regarding the employee time is synced to the cloud. The attendance records are tucked away securely with no fear of data loss.

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Calculating overtime of your Employees – pain in the neck?

Do you waste a lot of your precious time on calculating overtime? With our automated Attendance App, overtime and under time are calculated automatically. Not only that, with the pre-configured labour law based overtime pay, incorporating the overtime wages in your payroll is easy

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Time and attendance app - Calculating overtime of your Employees – pain in the neck?

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