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Accurate Attendance insight

Time and attendance data at a glance. Built-in reports developed in consultation with HR experts. Generate the desired information with the click of a few buttons. Allows you to generate a vast number of Time, Location & Visits reports thereby keeping an accurate track of overtime & tardiness

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staff attendance app - Accurate attendance insight
staff attendance app - immediate alerts

Immediate Alerts

An alert is raised if an employee fails to clock in attendance. The Alerts along with emails are repeated for late Comers, early Leavers and people on Time off, missed Attendance Punches, outside Geo Fence etc. Ensure that your field staff is where they should be – ask them to punch their visits.

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Regulate late comming

Were all your Marketers absent this Friday? How many customers did you lose? Were most of your HR employees late that Monday, when your company had important placements and interviews? Let all these things be just one of your bad dreams. Keep a track of the departmental absenteeism with monthly attendance summary.

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staff attendance app - Regulate late comming
staff attendance app - Departmental Absenteeism

Departmental Absenteeism

With our quick share feature, you can quickly view the report and share them immediately. Managers need to send attendance reports to the stake holders. Hence we brought the feature of sending the reports in PDF/Excel file from within the App.

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