Track Sales & Medical Representatives!

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Track Sales Executives on move

With the addition of Location punch now track Pharmaceuticals sales executives & Medical Representatives. You are in the know of who went where and when and for what purpose. Online Attendance reports of the field staff – Salesforce, Purchase Executives are available on your mobile phones.

Track Absenteeism through attendance app
Track Absenteeism through attendance app

Record Client Visits

Access the visit details of any client for any designated duration – anytime from anywhere with a field staff attendance app. Employees can punch in the details of the clients they visited along with their notes.

Accurate Attendance Records

Manual attendance reports are not only time-consuming; they are prone to buddy punching as well. Save all this time and effort and worry of bias by using our field attendance app. The time records of your Executives for the entire month can be pulled out anytime for advanced analytics.

Track Absenteeism through attendance app

Attendance App for the Pharma Industry

Track Pharmaceuticals sales executives & employees on move
with location tracking feature of mobile Attendance App.