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Effortless Time punch

Choose self or Group mode Face Attendance. User identification in less than 2 sec. Access can be controlled tightly. When the Face is matched the Time is automatically punched. No more Employee Queues.

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Self Attendance

With Face Attendance Employees need not touch any machine to clock in or out. Quickly & accurately track attendance for large Construction sites, Hospitals, Govt. Organizations, Airports...

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Face attendance recognition app - Self attendance
Face recognition attendance app - Face Attendance Kiosk

Face Attendance Kiosk

  • Step 1: All the employees are first registered in the facial database for future authentication.
  • Step 2: When an employee clocks in the employees face is scanned and matched with the stored Face ID.
  • Step 3: If matched, Attendance is automatically punched, else the supervisor is notified for appropriate action.

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