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Clock in Clock out App: Convert your phone to a Biometric Machine. ubiAttendance App offers the easiest and fastest way to track employees attendance. Want to boost your employee productivity? Try Free

4 way track

User ID + Time + Selfie + Location. Keep a check on employee hours with 100% accuracy. No more proxy!

Quick Start

No hardware or software installation. Start tracking time of employees immediately. A few minutes is all that is required to get our App running.

Biometric based App

Unlike biometric machines, bugs & updates are free. Attendance can be marked anytime, anywhere. No office space required.

Visits Reporting

Track Field Employee Visits with location & time. Keep time log of your staff without draining their Phone batteries.

Sites Monitoring

Control your field staff by having a detailed graphical view of the Employees on each location along with their Selfie, Time & Visit details.


Create a virtual barrier around your office through a Geo fence. Whenever the attendance is marked outside the fence admin will get notified.

Login with QR Code/Email

Device identifies employees by Email / Phone / QR code scans. Employees who are Non-tech savvy can punch Time in & Time out without any trouble.

Highly Affordable

Budget friendly App. No setup cost required. Our App is subscription based. Nominally priced per Employee per Month.

One Stop Solution

Can be extended to manage Leave & Payroll. Integrates easily with HR software.

For Every Industry

Our Time Attendance App caters to all Industry sectors - Start-ups, SMEs large organizations.

Cloud Attendance

Track employees from anywhere even when the managers are travelling. Data is fully secured on our cloud based Attendance Management App.

Insightful Reports & Graphs

Track late comers, early leavers, absentees, employee’s overtime & under time with powerful reports


The App grows with your organization. Create only the required employee accounts in our Time Tracking App. Pay as you go.

Configurable & Customizable

Manage Sites, departments, designations, shift timings & holidays. Use filtering options for your preferred view.

Reliable Services

20+ Years with more than 2000+ projects & 2100+ global clients

Global Experience

Top Companies all over the world in 60+ countires have been using our services for years.

Unparalleled commitment

Our dedicated support team ensures that queries are answered ASAP on top priority. Client satisfaction is reflected in the repeat orders we get.

Got questions? Contact us for more information or write to us at ubiattendance@ubitechsolutions.com or Switch to the Premium Plan now

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